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DELTA SUPPLY INTERNATIONAL is a company built from experiences and talented people but a leading player for distribution of Aviation Lubricants & Consumables, Spares & Aviation Components, Repair & Maintenance, Safety & GSE, Tooling and Tyres. Starting in 2010s, we aim to ship parts globally, helping people in aviation get what they need.

A one-stop channel partner Armed with an Aeroservices contract, clients can benefit from saving on costs of managing multiple suppliers by having a 'one-stop channel partner'. Round-the-year, knowledgeable sales teams and dedicated technical support staff help clients with everything ranging from speciality product sourcing to handling, repackaging and shipment of hazardous materials. So be it a routine order for consumables, components, tooling or tyres or an Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situation, trust Aeroservices' expertise to help you navigate through smoothly every time. In addition to product sourcing, Aeroservices' partnership with a world-leading airline MRO can help you maintain your fleet's operational perpetuity with its 'service at source' belief.'